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poniedziałek, 24 grudnia 2012

Pod choinkami

 Prezenty rozpakowane, więc i zdjęcia mogą zostać pokazane

poniedziałek, 26 listopada 2012

Beaded Embroidery and 6th BSBP supplement

That is one of fabulous hand-made beads I received from Cate . Its time became :)
And developing skills in beaded embroidery :)

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sobota, 11 sierpnia 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Party 2nd Reveal finally!

The 11th of August arrived! I prepared three pieces from excellent bead soup I received from Cate.

1. Focal - it was great two-sided bead.I decieded to save two sides - first big challenge:)

2.Wire clasp -second big challenge. I never worked with wire , but i decieded to try, to protect the homogeneous style.

3.Necklace - I was thinking about the rest of beads very, very long. They have very unique style , what i tried to show.They are very elegant and I added some freshwater pearls to underline it.

I still have some beads , but I didnt wont to waste them,so they are waiting for better ideas :))

The adventure with BSBP was very, very funny and educating. I met very talented and nice person Cate van Alphen.It is a great pleasure to look at her projects /not only BSBP of course/.I'm very interested in her ideas!!!. I invite everybody to see her work.
Great thanks for Lori Anderson , our hostess, for her hard work and possibility to be a part of this big project.I invite everybody to visit blogs of all participants from all over the world