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8th Annual BSBP Great Day Arrived!

        May 10th arrived! This is  my third BSBP and Lori Anderson paired me with Hungarian beader Toth Klaudia. I'm really happy, because, as I  said in earlier posts- it's a great opportunity to meet nice , friendly people from all over the world. And Klaudia is such a person and also a great ,clever beader.I studied her blog carefully and I'm delighted. And you'll be too, believe me! I invite everybody to see, what she prepared for today!
         In the beginning- first Klaudia's package disappeared. It's a great shame for postal services of both our countries! Really! Klaudia was so generous and send me another one-thanks a lot Klaudia!

1.Three vintage buttons

I used all of them, they are really great.I prepared decorations for my satin heels and coordinated ring.

2. Shibori ribbon
I wanted to try to prepare shibori bracelet of months. So it was like a destiny, when I found beautiful shibori ribbon / Klaudia's handmade/ in my package. It's difficult technique and I must really practice much more.But first bracelet done:)

3. Focal- cameo with  a dolphin

Sea theme so I added some sea accessories - sea glass and some freshwater pearls, all in delicate
hues of green.

4. Soutache elements

Klaudia is really good in sewing soutache. I received three elements and used two of them as a part of the necklace I named   " Vase of flowers"

 Thank you Klaudia! It's a pleasure to have you as a partner!

I strongly recommend to visit blogs of my previous BSBP partners- Silvia's from Italy and Cate's from UK - they are so amazing artists!

This year Lori Anderson connected almost 500 participants from all over the world. So big project and opportunity to admire different styles and ideas for jewelry. Great thanks for Lori and have fun!

All creations will be successively pinned  on the Pinterest board: 

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