poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012

English Soup Arrived!

Today a get a package from my soup partner Cate . Incredible !!!!!! She did it all herself!!! From clasp to focal. Almost all components are fom polimer clay -she is a master of this medium.All in great colour of heather. But also wire clasps are perfect.I get also beautiful wire bracelet - Cate even didnt forget about a little chain to make it longer.  Im alredy thinking about how to use this delicious soup :)))))

View on all beads.

I cant decide which side is better

Two focals to choose - both are great

And wonderfull bracelet - already on my wrist

How is it possible to do such equal elements?????
Thanks Cate!!!

This is soup I sent to Cate:

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  1. I love the red and black soup mix you sent, awesome soup!

    1. Thanks:))) Im sure Cate, my soup partner, will be perfect using any bead she will receive!