wtorek, 25 marca 2014

Hungarian Soup Arrived!

BSBP is not only a beading challenge but also a great opportunity to meet fantastic people.Two years ago I met polymer clay master Cate from UK, last year -fantastic Silvia from Italy / one of 2013 winners!!!!/ For the third time I met super girl Klaudia from Hungary. Her soup just arrived and I'm happy like a child during Christmas :)
 Elegant box and the most exciting moment-opening:)

 My soup consists of sophisticated vintage buttons, soutache elements, great glass and semiprecious beads and, the most important- shibori ribbon and base for bracelet.Klaudia made it herself .I'm wondering how she guessed I so wanted to try shibori???? Telepathy:) I'm really excited!!!!

 I found in my package some more precious pieces:

White and red soutache necklace /Polish national colours!/ is already on my neck:)))

 Klaudia also added to her generous package something delicious- she wrote these are tastes of her childhood.Really yummy!

View of Budapest / I'm sure worth seeing/

Klaudia, great thanks for you generosity and kindness!!

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  1. I am super happy you found a partner worthy of you! And she is spoiling you with chocolate also! :D Wish you a great time creating with your soup! Mine arrived today also!!!

    1. You know, chocolate is good for my brain but no for my hips:(( . But, brain is so so important, isn't it??? I'm lucky girl meeting so good people as my partners!

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. I'll be working hard to use them in a good way!