sobota, 19 sierpnia 2017


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  1. I haven't visited any blogs lately, so I'm very excited to look back at the gorgeous things you have been making since mid-April. July was a good month for you. Those incredible yellow and red pieces you posted on July 12th are so fun and cheerful. They brought a big smile to my face. Then the purse. Very nice! Wear in winter (when there are no flowers outside) and you will be able to bring the beauty of flowers with you wherever you go. Where you put the size 15 beads in the green cab from July 24th, right next to the cab and then also along the edge is perfect. My favorite from the Aug 19th post are the earrings with the glass flower cabs. Those purple bicones around the edge are great, and really make those earrings stunning. You consistently make so many wonderful things!